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Textile tecnology
Science fashion
Health & Wellness
The Copper Company develops technical and sophisticated textiles focused on a healthy, clean and sustainable life style through a top quality design, both functional and comfortable.

We aim to develop fabrics focused on the health market, which at the same time may fight infections as they help protect health centers’ budget issues. Our technology is for both bed sheets and medical wardrobe, reducing the hospital personnel and patient´s risk of infection.


Our anti-mite and anti-fungi technology for homes and hotels ensures rest and welfare in a healthy environment.

Mining & Army
Our technology has the enormous potential to fight pathogen´s load, avoiding bacterial regeneration that grows on conditions exposed to fire, humidity and cold weather. Our fabrics can be used as work wardrobe, helping reduce skin infections and adapting to extreme work conditions.
Sports & fashion

Our fabrics cover our user´s extra needs, like keeping our body´s humidity and temperature, the fibers keep you dry from sweat or are able to supply vitamins or medicine. This is how we are able to provide comfort and safety for every sport or activity.