Sale Policies

The Copper Company´s commitment is to offer the best quality products, as well as service of excellence. To do so, we collect, use and share some personal information to provide a better experience.

We provide the following information to our customers, to keep them completely aware of our privacy policies.

We use the information we collect to process your purchase, to keep you posted with our sales and marketing news, via e-mail o Courier. This information helps us improve our customer´s service.

Our website collects certain information from every user´s interaction. For example, the website can gather “personal information” from the user´s data that can be used to identify someone, as defined by law.

The website can also gather indirect data from the user.

The data we gather and process is the following:

-The information you write on our contact form.

This includes the information you provide once you register.

-We use your birthdate to check that you are old enough to buy our products.

-All the information you provide by contacting us by e-mail or courier.

-The details from every purchase you make on our site, including shipping address.

-The details of every visit to our site. It includes your computer´s IP address, your password, interaction with our information page, traffic data, location, weblogs and other data from every resource you have access.

Your personal information´s security is our priority; the access to your data is restricted to a number of employees that need it to provide products or service to our customers. We also protect your information under physical, procedure and electronical measures.

If you do not agree with our Privacy Policies, please leave our website.

For further information, please contact: